Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup

Back a decade ago when it was just me and a baby I didn’t have a clue on how to care for, I found discovered the secrets of our ancestors. There are generations that had gone before me raising babies without tv’s, car seats, and used plants for healing. Go figure! So I ditched the car seat, unplugged the tv and started making elderberry Syrup! Kidding… people who make potions in their kitchen aren’t completely ignorant to safety rules and love a good thirty minute babysitting tv sesh. But this plant healing thing… I was on board! It took one suggestion for my hacking baby to use cough syrup for me to find an alternative.


Enter Elderberry Syrup! Y’all, I cannot tell you that this will cure anything or prevent anything. Not a doctor or a scientist. But here’s some research for you to check out on the efficacy and effectiveness of using elderberry.

Oil Infused Elderberry Syrup

-2/3 cup dried organic elderberries (purchase from a local health food store or Amazon)

-3 1/2 cups of water

-1 cup of raw local honey

-8 drops Cinnamon Bark Vitality

-6 drops Clove Vitality

-4 drops Ginger Vitality


1. In a medium saucepan add your water and elderberries.

2. Bring to a boil.

3. Cover and reduce heat. Simmer for about 45 minutes or until the liquid is reduced by half.

4. While your berries simmer, mix your vitality oils into your honey.

5. When your syrup is reduced, remove from heat and let cool enough to handle.

6. Mash berries with a spoon and pour through a strainer. You can also use a cheese cloth to strain the juice from the berries. Discard the berries.

7. When no longer hot, stir in your honey and a couple tablespoons of bee pollen.

8. Store in a mason jar in the fridge.

HOW TO USE: Kids will take a teaspoon as needed when not feeling well or when around others that are sickly.

How much should you use? That’s up to you! I’ll personally using a tablespoon a day starting… yesterday. #ragweedseason

Why add oils? Flavor! Plus the extra benefits they add to our immune system.

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Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling

I’ve been asked several times this week at what age did we start taking the kids to the dentist. Around age 5 is when we chose Their pediatrician checked their teeth, tongue tie, and overall oral health prior to that.

Oral health is so very important to me. 👏🏻 I’ve heard it explained as your mouth is a window into the health of your body. Heart disease, gut issues, respiratory function, pregnancy and birth complications can show symptoms in the mouth.

For this reason we practice oil pulling at home, brush teeth with non toxic (fluoride, SLS, and dye free) toothpaste, and use a homemade mouthwash. (You should floss too! We aren’t perfect there. According to every dentist and hygienist, you should also floss daily.)


Oil Pulling… what’s that?

Short answer: Using a fat soluble oil (coconut oil is our choice) as a mouth rinse for 15 minutes daily has helped us heal cavities and mouth sores and overall increased the health inside our mouth. (Thus leading to a slew of other health changes!)

Now, before you think I’m selling you a cure all for complicated mouth issues based solely on personal experience, let’s look at the history: 3,000 years ago, Ayurvedic practices prescribed oil pulling (actually holding sesame oil in the mouth for 5 minutes) to help with mouth sores and other extensive ailments like allergies and headaches. Later in the 90’s, it wasn’t brought back into popularity but with the spotlight being on cold pressed coconut oil being used.

Nowadays you’ll hear of it more often. Ask your dentist about it. Better yet, show him your results! Most recently I have been adding in a drop of Thieves Vitality essential oil to help my body fight something off. My seven year old has had a troublesome sore, so lavender Vitality has been a much needed soother added to the coconut oil!

Give it a shot! What can it hurt to try out? My family’s twice yearly dentist visits have proved helpful without cavities for 11 years of having 3 kiddos and many years for myself given that I used to have chronic cavities (like every dentist visit!).

If your current smile isn’t a picture of health, you can still make changes!

Life Essentials


Life Essentials

When I hear “free” I think “what’s the catch?”. So here’s the deal with 100% transparency. I have a wholesale account with Young Living where I get 24% off retail prices. Opened by purchasing a Starter Kit of oils. When I started, I was dabbling in direct sales with another wellness company selling herbal blends and supplements. However, with that company I couldn’t let my friends and family in on the same value I was getting. So I really wasn’t making anything since I just gave them my discount.

With Young Living, anyone can get a wholesale account and no one is required to purchase a certain monthly amount or sale to keep that discount. Everyone is able to purchase at the same value I do, and I’m also making a commission that allows me to stay home and grow this as a business.

24% off retail is great! “But wait, there’s more!” {cue the cheesy game show music}. I DO choose to order monthly, because my family loves YL products (yep, more than oils!) and it saves me from having to go out to the stores or find products that meet our toxic free/ethically made standards.

Monthly autoship boxes from YL let me pick what I want and need, and I get free products monthly when purchasing a certain amount. 50 is the minimum. 100 starts the free products.

AND MORE than that, I get 25% back off my purchase in points to use later! What the what?!?!

So lets say I spend $300 in products a month (I do!). That’s already saving about $100 from retail prices. Then, I get free products (this month it’s $97.48 worth). NEXT UP that 25% back in points… 75! If you wanna do the math, that means the value of my $300 order is halved with discounts and freebies!


In July, I cashed in a TON of points and got all of the things above. Makeup that I’ve been wanting to try. Our essentials: detergent, dish soap. Plus toothpaste, hand sanitizer, supplements skin/hair care. Free. FREE! I still can’t get over it, and I’ve been getting a monthly box for four years now.

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Danielle Guess