There’s this theme of “mindfulness” floating around on the internet. All kinds of inspirational quotes follow and how being mindful throughout your day can lead to a focus on what matters. This seems impossible, to stop and think, during a busy day of raising up three kids, running a business, and keeping marriage a priority. Throw in the 100’s of tasks in between those areas, and Whoa!… insert overwhelmed. Defined, mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.

How does this play into sleep?

Well, besides the fact that I’ve been up at night not being able to fall asleep due to worry, I wanted to play connect the dots on mindfulness vs busyness.

Is the reason you can’t sleep at night due to a checklist that doesn’t have all the boxes ticked? Or, is it because without being mindful, priorities have gone to the wayside. There are so many things pulling at our attention, literally if you still have toddlers at your toes pulling at your shirt.

Here are some unconventional tips to sleep better at night. Trust me, they work! You won’t find counting sheep on the list!

1. Keep your priorities straight- throughout the day, make a point to check off what matters. I am the queen of ideas. Does your mind ever turn off? I’ve found through chatting with friends, that some people literally have a blank mind sometimes. This blows my mind! It’s always on. This isn’t a good thing as I can get pulled away by the next best thing instead of putting work in on what needs to be done. Checking off what needs to be done at the start of my day leaves less anxious worry throughout the rest of the waking hours.

2. Create a routine- In the morning, it’s my goal to pick up, clean a few things, and get laundry going before the coffee brews. My morning routine sets the pace for the entire household’s day. Even more important is a nightly routine. I’m not sure what works for you, but for me it starts in the bathroom. Take the time to wash your face (oil cleansing is my new favorite method!) and brush my teeth. Start the dishwasher. Crawl into bed and turn on Netflix. I keep lavender essential oil close by to put a drop on my hands and inhale or to put into a diffuser. This is my time to tune out the day, and I can do so peacefully if tip #3 has been the focus.

3. Think on what matters- “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whater is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable— if anything is excellent or praiseworthy— think about such things.” Philippians 4:8. Do you trust that what God has put into His Word as good practice for mindfulness is still relevant today? I do! Behind every inspirational quote, there is a scripture that has already been written.

My Daddy always said that all of life’s problems could be found in the Word. I tested that one! I urge you to give it a try. Before you do a quick word search for “scripture on fear”, dig into your Bible to find the stories already been written with an ending.

4. Be in consistent conversation with yourself- My Mamaw was always muttering. Talking under her breath was her consistent conversation. Check in with your thoughts and emotions. Pay attention to that tightness in your chest or weightless feeling in your legs. Then provide an antidote!

Prayer is my antidote. Is it that way for you? Taking each moment during the day and being in conversation with the Lord will lead to better insight on your next best step.

5. Clear your mind- I mentioned Netflix, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen advice in any article written for “how to sleep better”. But it works for me! For a mind that’s constantly on, tuning into a fictional character’s life story helps me tune out the clamor of the world. What works for you to clear your mind?

I want to reiterate this thought, Is the reason you’re not sleeping at night due to busyness throughout your day instead of mindful intention?

A couple of extra tips for good night’s sleep: have a routine with your kids; explore aromatherapy for helping to clear and settle the mind; go to sleep at the same time as your spouse; have a lights out time and wake up time that is consistent.

Here are some quick facts about how important sleep is:

• while sleeping, your heart and blood vessels repair
• lack of sleep contributes to obesity, depression, and diabetes among other health issues
• between the hours of 1:00-3:00 am, your liver detoxes. If you’re not asleep by this time, expect to be kept up with restless legs, possible itchiness if you suffer from eczema, or just overall restlessness
• you need between 7-9 hours of sleep.
• good sleep can maximize brain function and athletic ability!

What fact most resonates with you? Moms with brain fog, turn off the lights sooner. Restless legs, create a routine and be consistent.

Here’s a sleep tracker for you! Fill it out and see how sleeping consistently makes you feel during the day.


Mothers’ Sayings

Mothers’ Sayings

Your words matter, Momma. As I’m taking a guess daily at life, evaluating whether or not I said or did what mattered in the three sets of eyes looking up at me, it’s the things that came out of my mouth that I knew shouldn’t have that make falling asleep in peace hard.

The couple of times my Mom said something hurtful to me in my 30 years of life, I remember like it was yesterday. You know what’s crazy? When I brought up those two things to her in just this past year, she didn’t remember saying either one of them.

I’m not trying to get you off of the hook for shooting off foul, hateful, critical language to your kids. Just keep it at the front of your mind (I’ll be right there with you!), your words matter. Apologies are always better than silence.

"Don’t be the reason your kid needs therapy.”

Opening the door up into my childhood through therapy brought a lot tumbling out that I didn’t like. As an adult, it was my job to now organize (throw out what wasn’t needed, store what was, and pass through the love of God some items that just couldn’t be tied up in a little bow). The point is definitely not to paint my parents or anyone in my childhood in a bad light but to let you in on what I do remember. My Mothers’ sayings… they mean so much more than a couple of off hand comments.

“She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” Proverbs 31:26

*written in 2013 when Mamaw was still alive

Every day, I hear my Mothers' voice. My biological Momma, Nana, and Mamaw have through my upbringing, shared little tidbits of information. For my Momma, she would repeat these things to me daily. Nana, would sit me down and have "a talking" with me that always ended with, "Now, you know your Nana loves you and I'm usually not wrong about these things."Mamaw would mostly say things under her breath- I would have to listen carefully. But, I learned most life lessons from watching these women work and love throughout their lives.

"Don't ever go hungry without coming here first." 

I am so thankful that my Mamaw is still alive*. Her memory is not anything like it used to be- she still believes that I am the young mother to Dallas and that he is crawling around calling her "Maw". She will be 90 years old this June, and I can only imagine what her life has seen. I had the utmost admiration for her growing up- I loved going to the church to help her cook for the homeless. The sign from the road read, "Free Meal to Anyone in Need". It was my job to tally the people that came in and to stir the pots. At seven years old, I was saved. From that point on, Mamaw would have me go into the the dining room with the needy and pray. Every 30 minutes, I would go in there and ask a prayer over their food. "Don't do that rote prayer you said when you were little. And make sure you say Amen," she would remind me. Mamaw also headed up a food pantry and clothes closet for "any and everyone in need". After filling a cardboard box with cereal, flour, canned milk, and canned goods, she would tell them, "Don't ever go hungry without coming here first." As she locked up the steel door I heard the firm command, "You have to treat everyone equal- you never know when you will end up without anything." I could never imagine Mamaw and Papaw being poor. Papaw worked hard up until his very last days. But, she would remind me that growing up, she was embarrassed that she only had "peanut butter crackers" instead of a ham biscuit in her lunch pail. She ate oatmeal for breakfast, used an outhouse, washed her clothes by hand, and got an orange in her stocking every year at Christmas. She knew what it was like to not have as much, and she knew how to work hard. Mamaw was the first person I told that I was pregnant. Her response, "Well, that's alright. It's going to be okay. Babies are a blessing, and you're going to have one for a reason." In her older years (I wasn't around for the younger ones), Mamaw did not tell many people what she was going to do for the day, "If you don't tell anyone your plans, they can't tell you 'No'". She was always going. And as hard as it is to remember her saying, "If you quit moving, you'll just die," I know that she has lived and led a beautiful life! 

"You shouldn't go should'n"

I am fortunate to also still have my Nana around. According to her, she "still isn't old" at 85 years young. She is the most caring, level-headed woman that I know. I have came to her with my doubts and fears since a very young age. She has seen me through childhood friendships lost, bad school grades, teen pregnancy, too many of the "not good enough boys" I dated, and motherhood. Through her, I have seen her be a devoted wife and mother. Her advice may have seemed outdated, but I would always find myself following her recommendations. Many a time she has been upset with me worrying over the past, "You shouldn't go 'should'n over something you can't change." My favorite thing about my Nana is her sense of humor. She gets "tickled" quite often. It's hard to say what will set her off, but if she's not laughing then something isn't right. Many a time I have walked through "sticky situations" with her, and her final comment would usually be, "Well, if we didn't get arrested, then we must have done something right!" If I am ever in need of love and a lipstick kiss, I can count on my Nana. "Just a little Coca Cola won't hurt" and "A little sugar will settle your stomach"- her ways of enjoying the little things in life.

"Be happy, and they will be happy." 

My Momma... I think I fought against her up until the point that I became a mother myself. It's hard to understand the sacrifices they make and the things a mother does out of love until you find yourself looking back in your memory vault to see how she handled a situation. Then, turn and do the same with my own children. My Momma is a worker- she loves to be outside and do for others. I used to sit in the truck on the steepest of hills watching her dig a ditch in the Georgia summer heat. I watched from the window as she mowed, pulled weeds, planted flowers and then went next door to my Mamaw's and did the same in her yard (if Mamaw let her). "Always plant pansies for color in winter," was her advice. On sunny, cold, winter days, Momma would throw open the front door, pull up all the blinds and lay outside on the patio in a bikini- soaking up every bit of Vitamin D that she could. She knows how to live!  

I have probably went to my Momma for parenting advice 1000x's of times. I don't remember her raising me as a baby, but I think that I turned out alright. Therefore, I trust her wisdom. When frustrated with Lillie-Mae not falling asleep when rocking her, "Lay your baby down to sleep and she will sleep." And she was right! Lillie-Mae would talk, toss and turn, spit out her paci, and then just fall asleep. "I always just fed y'all when you seemed hungry." No 'by the clock' feedings according to her. My favorite advice, "Be happy and they will be happy." Dallas' first days were started with a smiling, singing Mommy even though I didn't always feel up to the task. 

Unfortunately, I have had my fair share of sickness starting when I was a child. After moving out, I would lay on the couch, delirious from high fevers, and my Momma would say "Go.To.The.Doctor." I would, and I would get better for a little bit. Then, I just "took my health into my own hands" and started trying every natural remedy to rid and ward off sickness. Now, with a built up immunity and Silver Shield at hand, I have my own ways. However, my Momma will stop by at will with a flashlight at hand, ready to look down my throat or in my ears to give her judgement of my condition. 

I don't have many "deep" conversations with my Momma, but I can always count on her to find humor in the situation. "Some people, you have to imagine they are 14. Then, you can just accept their ways." And she always likes to remind me, "Your middle name is Louise for a reason." Somedays it's to compliment and most days it comes with a head shake and stern smile. 

I am so blessed to have had these women as my "Mothers" growing up!

I love them all, and I believe that I have a piece of each of them in my personality. I hope I stay witty like my Nana, strong like my Mamaw, and beautiful like my Momma. 

Thank You, Teachers


Thank You, Teachers

I was ready to purchase Lillie-Mae’s kindergarten curriculum and Dallas’ fourth grade books for another year of homeschool when I sensed the Lord leading the Guess Tribe in a different direction. For three years, home was where I birthed two babies and played teacher. 

It was the most growing and strengthening time as a woman. To be responsible for all areas of a child’s growth is huge. There is no principal to answer to, guidance counselor to send an emotionally needy child to, and no lunch lady to cook the meals. 

Homeschool moms are everything. 

Homeschool can get a bad rap with Mom’s believing the lie “I couldn’t do that, I just don’t have the patience.” You can do anything you’re called to do and are stronger than you think. Quit selling yourself and your Creator short. Who am I to tell you that? Well I was the Mom that said “I will NEVER homeschool my child.” But then I had a very wiggly, energetic, beyond smart for his age child that was put into a box of a school room and needed out. The three years he was at home taught him how to study, listen, and discover that learning is outside of a book. For me, the same things were taught. I studied my child to pay attention to cues that life wasn’t great and learned to listen, because his words mattered too. I learned that some of the best life lessons are taught at Aldi when your seven year old unloads groceries for a worn out Momma with a screaming newborn, without being prompted to show compassion. 

To say it was a shock to feel peace that my kids would enter into public school is an understatement.

Ask Chris, I don’t lose sleep over many things. I lay down, close my eyes, sleep. But those nights feeling restless was a struggle. He felt it too. What’s faith like? It’s a consistent, close walk with the Lord on a path, and then one day He pulls your hand to go a new direction. You can either hold tight and move, stand still and think whether you want to go along, or let go and keep going the way you always were because it felt comfortable. 

Faith is holding tight and moving. Continuously. Blindly. 

Needless to say, I woke up one night and said the name of the school my kids now attend. Telling Chris about how we should check it out, he said it was where he knew they should be for a couple of months. Why didn’t he tell me that? Because I needed to hear it from God too. 

My first worry turned prayer “Let my kids have nice, caring, better than their Momma teachers that give them love and patience and kind words and encouragement.” Mrs. Bussey was that for Dallas. He would have a hard day at school, be misunderstood by one of his many teachers, and I would tell him, “Find Mrs. Bussey, she will give you a hug.” Sometimes when a kid isn’t really wrong and there are a lot of students and opinions, their side can be shut out, and I get that. Coming from a school room of one to 25 was a shock for Dallas in that area. He always had a safe place though to feel comfortable and grounded. 

Lillie-Mae is the kindest, most soft hearted child I have ever been around. She is made up of all the niceness of her Daddy and the little bit that I had to give, and that’s it. I was terrified her kindergarten teacher would be too energetic, the classroom too loud, and she would be looked over. Turning six on the first day of school meant she was starting at the bottom of the totem pole. Leaving her in that classroom the first day, I bawled my eyes out (still crying now thinking about it!). The superintendent, Mrs. Day, gave me a hug and said it will be alright Momma! Mrs. Stansell was the perfect teacher for her. Calm and quiet and always smiling. The type of personality I imagined Lillie-Mae to grow into as an adult! Every day was exciting for her to go to school. The first month she was tired and cried after school but was always ready to get up and go the next day! 

And this year... Mrs. McBryar, I can’t say your name without thanking God right after. Lillie-Mae was worried no teacher could be as nice as Mrs. Stansell. Says right there in her card “I can’t believe how nice you are to me.” You were an answer to her prayers over many nights. And the first day of school, “I can’t believe she knew my name and she has two names too! She even gives hugs and I wanted to kiss her but didn’t know if I could.” 

Dallas has all male teachers this year, and it’s teaching him to be more responsible and focused on goals. There might not be any hugs, but he admires every one of his teachers. They’re giving him something to model after as men. 

Elementary teachers, you are like school Moms and Dads to our kids when they’re away, and I’m am so thankful for you!


Easter Baskets


Easter Baskets

Easter season to me means a focus on new life and celebration. Spring is a season of new growth. Where the seeds planted literally spring forth!

It’s a great celebration for a Christian. Walking day by day, Jesus’ last week and last hours on Earth puts the magnitude of sacrifice into perspective.

So where do Easter baskets play a roll in this? I’m not googling the Wikipedia article that shows that we shouldn’t celebrate bunnies or flowers. A heavy focus is on Jesus during Easter. And what did His life teach us? To love others well, unashamedly, consistently. To follow Him, trust His Word, and show up daily in this Love even when it seems like death has won.

Easter baskets are a way we show our kids love this season. The Guess Tribe isn’t big on giving gifts or buying toys apart from celebrations. We are keeping the focus heavily on Jesus but also celebrating new life.

Easter Basket Ideas:

• Items they already need
• Gift cards for older kids
• New Bible or Devotional
• Art Supplies
• Outdoor spring toys
• Handwritten card
• Candy

Is there something your kid needs that you could tuck back and give in their basket? Maybe spring tops, fun socks and even underwear! School supplies might need to be slightly replenished. Girls always love new bows! A bathing suit was in my Easter basket one year, and I loved that! Go for the glitter pencils that only last a month anyways. Target Dollar spot had lots of highlighters, pens, and notebooks.

Thinking of older kids, gift cards would be a great idea! These could be to their favorite restaurant (Holla, Chick-fil-A!) or an experience they’ve been wanting to do. Maybe there is an arcade, indoor rock climbing place, or movie that could fall into this category.

Probably the most Jesus thing you could pass onto your kid is a new Bible or Devotional. A good family devotional for kids of all ages (and especially good for non readers) is Louie Giglio’s Indescribable. A boy devotional Dallas has liked was The One Year Book of Devotions.

Target Dollar Spot will have all the needs for toys and art supplies! We got the cutest sand terrarium there, some 3-D wooden puzzles, coloring books, silly putty, and spring garden items for kiddos. For Dallas we got him some kinetic sand (didn’t think of getting this for an 11 year old, but it was a hit for him at cousin Henry’s birthday party). Sticker books are a huge

Your spring and summer outdoor toys are probably either lost, broken, or old news. Refresh those for their Easter basket! Nerf balls, water toys, sidewalk chalk, special markers or crayons, paints and art books. This idea has endless opportunity to pass on some intentional, kid specific items.

An Easter basket shouldn’t be stressful and size is irrelevant. The thought is what counts! That’s why I love sticking in a handwritten card to your child. Words of affirmation and love, sharing what you see in them that’s new and exciting! Especially if they have recently had a heart transformation to let Jesus into their sin filled lives, celebrate that!

Candy… oh how I loathe and love it. I’ve already went through a pack of Reese’s Easter eggs, personally. I preach that food dyes and high fructose corn syrup are horrible (daily staples) for a kid’s diet. However, is that the message I want to get across to my kids. Just the same as I don’t want them to hear loudly the “Don’t do’s” of Christianity, I don’t want them to be focused on the “can’t haves” so much that they miss out on a fun celebration. The kids got a couple of Easter treats in their baskets, and I’m so thankful for the organic and dye free options! These can be inexpensive! Don’t read organic and think “break the bank”! Once again, thoughtfulness and being intentional matters most. Lillie-Mae will freak out and feel so special that I got those yellow Peep Bunnies for her. Easter eggs are filled with Black Forest gummy bears.

How do you handle when to give Easter baskets? Growing up, my Dad hid them somewhere in the house on Sunday morning. My sister and I would run through with sponge foam rollers in our hair, looking for them. Then stuff candy into our mouths until our parents made us quit and start brushing out our curls for church. I tried that approach once…. It was already stressful to get everyone ready for church with feeling the pressure to look a little extra, adding an Easter basket reveal was not joyful AT ALL! So now we hand them over the day before. This doesn’t make us more holy, it’s just what works for the best, fun outcome.

I planned to have Easter baskets done to show you fancy pics. However, 1. I don’t want the pressure of comparison passed on from my platform 2. There is no plan for extra cuteness this season for the Guess kids. (They won’t even notice.)

Friend, hear me on this. Easter is the most important holiday for a Christian. Without Jesus’ death and following resurrection, we wouldn’t be able to live in the spiritual freedom in relationship with Him that we do today. If you’re struggling with having peace in your life, have a foundation of anxiety that you can’t get to the root of, I want to urge you to call out His name and just have a conversation. This might be weird to talk out a conversation with someone you can’t see. But just starting with “Jesus, I believe in you. I know there is something missing from my life and that something is you. I know that God created me with a purpose to worship You, and I commit to that by admitting that I am a very lost, sin filled human that needs You in my life. I love you! Thank you for loving me!”

If that’s a conversation you have for the first time, please let me know! Whether you’ve been in church or never have in your life, this might be a prayer conversation you need to have today.

Wondering where you can go to church this weekend to join in the celebration? My church, Calvary Chapel Chattanooga, has services Saturday at 4 and 6 pm, and Sunday morning at 9 and 11. We will be there Sunday morning, come sit with us!

Where do you stand with Jesus and Easter baskets?


Chattanooga Spring Activities


Chattanooga Spring Activities

Spring time in Chattanooga is known for more than it’s bipolar weather and allergies from all the blooming things. Our family loves to get outside all year round, but that warm sunshine intensifies cabin fever!

Free is our jam. So usually anything we do with the kiddos has no cost. My tip for enjoying your surroundings is to work with what you have. What’s most popular in your city? Here, everyone hikes. Some might go once a year, some every other day. Tennessee River activities: fishing, boating, swimming, and tire swinging are favorite past times as well. Downtown Chattanooga boasts Coolidge Park with an antique carousel, river walks, plethora of bike riding opportunities, and the best local food spots + local art spots.

Whether you’re a local or visiting, there is plenty to do in Chattanooga!

Here’s a roundup/day in the life of a Chattanooga local turned tourist:
•Breakfast at Maple Street Biscuit Company

•Go down to the River Front behind the Aquarium (Check out ChattanoogaFun to see what local events are happening in the square!)

•Find the Beginning of the Trail of Tears and follow history. You can walk/wade in this area. I wouldn’t recommend getting fully soaked when the afternoons can still have a cool wind. But do take your shoes off and enjoy the river view.

•Bluff View Art District is a drive away, but has a beautiful sculpture garden to go through! It’s rarely crowded, and a magical little fairly land for kids. This Mom loves it too!

•Pop into Rembrandts for a sweet treat and coffee refill. Their outdoor seating is gated. (Moms of toddlers, you know the magical gift of enclosed seating.)

•Walk/Bike across the Walnut Street Bridge to Coolidge Park.

•Bring a ball and kick around! Blankets to lounge in the sun.

•Hungry for lunch? Be adventurous with OPA! It’s a white building with blue roof. Authentic Greek!

•Shop around for local art on River Street.

•Parents and children can ride the antique carousel for just $1 a ride!

•Lions and tigers and bears shoot water from their mouths at the Coolidge Park Fountains. These are turned on when the weather warms up. Meanwhile, enjoy climbing and dancing around! Bring a bluetooth speaker and entertain the crowd. Be THAT FAMILY!

•Walk back across the bridge and to Community Pie. Chattanooga has many pizza places: Crust, Lupi’s, Pizza Bros, SO MANY! Just currently on a CP kick, because the kids can order their own custom large slice, plus they have a small selection of Milk and Honey ice cream.

Night Fall is a recent fun discovery for our family. Honestly, I thought it used to just be for bikers and those that wanted to enjoy a music show. But food trucks, community, kid fun, and plenty of room to roam brought us back many times last year! Look for this event in the summer, beginning of May.

More Activities:
High Point Climbing- amazing spot for kids! Can be pricey, but it’s well worth it with climbs for all ages + trained guides eager to help kids have the best time.

Creative Discovery Museum- We love this spot! It’s not a place kids can just run around and enjoy all willy nilly (except for the two story enclosed playground!). Guide your kids to the art, music, dinosaur digging, and creation activities. Plenty of helpers close by to get your kiddos involved. It’s just overwhelming, I think, if you let the kids loose. Parents, get in there and play/create with them!

Shameless plus for Mr. Guess who helped to create the EPB power game in the Create Station and a Stop Motion interaction in the Art area. We love the CDM! A yearly membership will cover two visits, so it’s worth it if you’re coming back. A membership helps take the weight off of us thinking we need to do it all in one sitting.

Tennessee Aquarium- Get the season pass and come back time and again! Workers love answering questions here. It’s interesting to note that the aquarium does a lot of conservation work for our rivers close by. Kids will see sharks, turtles, alligators, butterflies and penguins up close! Local? Have your kids pick one or a few spots to visit in a day. This way you aren’t taking an entire day to visit it from beginning to end. Most always, our kiddos choose to go see the sting rays, “MR. BIG Shark!”, and the butterflies.

Pumpkin Patch Playground (pictured)- This is literally a kid’s dream playground. I’ll let you discover it without giving away all the surprises!

Pumpkin Patch Playground

Tennessee Hikes:

If you really want to see Chattanooga like a local, go for a day hike. Take snacks, water, and wear comfy walking shoes. No equipment needed! Just a happy attitude and willingness to break a sweat while seeing nature.

There are many you can do, but these are my family friendly, all ages suggestions:
Glen Falls Trail- parking is tricky with this spot on the mountain. But it’s one of the most unique hikes closest to downtown. Tall rock formations that the kids can crawl all over. A vast wooded area for kids to go off trail and feel some independence while still being within view of parents. Cute little passages through rocks to see a waterfall. (keep going on this trail! Just when you think it’s over, there’s more!). I suggest going to the second fall and then turning back around the way you came.

Cloudland Canyon- Technically in Georgia, this hike is on Lookout Mountain. It will have a heavy flow of people on the weekends, so we like to go on a school off day, early morning, or week night before sunset. There are lots of stairs, so beware if you have weak knees. Pace yourself. No one is trying to be a hero to get up/down to the falls the quickest. Even if you just want some good canyon views, you barely have to leave the parking lot!

•Chickamauga Battlefield- Staying in Georgia, this flat park is great for bike riding and walking for all ages. Stop at the Visitor Center first and take a look into history. There’s a ton of guns in the back that my son gawks at. They’ll help point you to trails, but honestly, we just park, walk down a trail until we are half tired then walk back to the car. No bears here, but there are deer! Drive slowly, don’t litter, and have fun!

Reflection Riding- This is a member only location. $70 is the family price and well worth it in my opinion. Theres miles of walking trails, community events, animal education, and a Bamboo Forest that is a slice of magic.

Natural Bridge- Located on Lookout Mountain, but quite a drive, this is an unusual spot that doesn’t get much foot traffic. It’s literally a rock bridge. I flipped out when I first saw it! Maybe not the best place for toddlers, because it’s very much a primitive location. It is a great spot for little rock climbers and explorers.

•Lula Lake Land and Trust- You’ll have to plan your visit here in advance by securing a spot. They are not open all spring season. The views, falls, and friends you’ll meet on the way make this a family friendly day hike. Definitely pack a lunch and let the kiddos wear a a swim suit to wade at the bottom of the falls.

Foster Falls- Recently discovered, and about an hour drive out. I am itching to get back here! We wore layers on a spring morning in March and shed half of them by the end. It’ s moderate at a steady pace, but doable for all ages/health conditions. Lots of rocks on the way down, so Momma’s bring a helper if you have more than one toddler. There are climbing spots hooked in and ready to go. Caves for kids to stick their heads in. Linked is directions to the Small Loop. I suggest the Fiery Gizzard Trail head as a start. Good parking, and you’re going down then around, instead of up and down. You’ll see when you get there.

I left off a LOT of favorite food spots! Mainly, I want you to know that Chattanooga/North Georgia is a great place to get your kiddos outdoors. It expands their minds and helps them to imagine. What’s your favorite Chattanooga spring spot or activity?

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