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Life Essentials


Life Essentials

When I hear “free” I think “what’s the catch?”. So here’s the deal with 100% transparency. I have a wholesale account with Young Living where I get 24% off retail prices. Opened by purchasing a Starter Kit of oils. When I started, I was dabbling in direct sales with another wellness company selling herbal blends and supplements. However, with that company I couldn’t let my friends and family in on the same value I was getting. So I really wasn’t making anything since I just gave them my discount.

With Young Living, anyone can get a wholesale account and no one is required to purchase a certain monthly amount or sale to keep that discount. Everyone is able to purchase at the same value I do, and I’m also making a commission that allows me to stay home and grow this as a business.

24% off retail is great! “But wait, there’s more!” {cue the cheesy game show music}. I DO choose to order monthly, because my family loves YL products (yep, more than oils!) and it saves me from having to go out to the stores or find products that meet our toxic free/ethically made standards.

Monthly autoship boxes from YL let me pick what I want and need, and I get free products monthly when purchasing a certain amount. 50 is the minimum. 100 starts the free products.

AND MORE than that, I get 25% back off my purchase in points to use later! What the what?!?!

So lets say I spend $300 in products a month (I do!). That’s already saving about $100 from retail prices. Then, I get free products (this month it’s $97.48 worth). NEXT UP that 25% back in points… 75! If you wanna do the math, that means the value of my $300 order is halved with discounts and freebies!


In July, I cashed in a TON of points and got all of the things above. Makeup that I’ve been wanting to try. Our essentials: detergent, dish soap. Plus toothpaste, hand sanitizer, supplements skin/hair care. Free. FREE! I still can’t get over it, and I’ve been getting a monthly box for four years now.

Want your own box? Wholesale members: Login to your account. Not a member? Make that first Starter Kit of oils your first monthly box! I’ll help you curate your next one according to your Wellness needs.


Danielle Guess


My Story


My Story

A hobby turned business… I am ever so grateful. Thinking back to the beginning and taking you along:

1. How did you first hear about essential oils? 
>>I worked in an Aveda salon with my sister and a couple of our now members. They had oils- tea tree for skin and lavender for calming were my go to!

2. What made you say "Yes!" to giving it a try? 
>>A lady at a homeschool convention had a workshop “Oils of the Bible”. I was amazed! Attended another one of her workshops the next day and she talked about how easy oils were to use on her kids and farm animals. I didn’t have animals, but I needed easy! I bought a Pocket Reference book and read it for a few weeks before signing up with the first person I knew who was a YL distributor.

3. Do you remember one of the first times you shared oils with someone? How did you feel? 
>>>I shared Samples with everyone, because I just wanted them to see the quick effect they had! I wasn’t timid at all to begin with. Excited to have others relate to my crazy holistic ways.

4. What has Your Wellness Tribe meant to you? 
>>>You know how you walk into something in life and don’t know what the outcome will be, but you have butterflies in your stomach and joy in your heart? That’s how I felt when I first got into contact with four other ladies... they all shared a similar vision for connecting with other women through ALL areas of life. So far it’s meant having ears to listen when my husband is sick and I’m kind of at the end of my rope. It’s been a group of people cheering me on and getting to watch others be cheered through their health. Constant encouragement and lifelong relationships!

5.What opportunities does Young Living give you and your family? 
>>> We have solutions! Real, tangible, easy solutions to every day issues. Our days are much more manageable with a well stocked arsenal of oils. I don’t mean that lightly, we reach for oils at least a dozen times a day. We are healthier and happier with YL in our lives. Fear of health issues is kicked to the curb. Plus, this is my business. My sole income. A work from home Momma isn’t something I planned to be. But it’s been so good to have that be possible while my kids are little!

6.What has been your greatest YL wellness story? 
>> Mental health... by far, my biggest reason for starting with YL. I’ve been able to connect physical symptoms with emotional strongholds through the teachings of Gary Young. Plus, I have tools to help my brain and nervous system be strong! Supplements I recommend- Super B, MultiGreens, and OmegaGize. Oils- “Great Day Protocol” Harmony, Valor, White Angelica, and Joy daily!

SO thankful for each one of you! I pray you are inspired, uplifted, and strive for more here in this community!

Join me in your own wellness journey!