Monster spray! Sure to keep the scary creatures away!

10 drops Valor in a 6 oz spray bottle of water. Let your kids spray once under the bed and twice on their pillow. 🙌🏻

🌟 Sure to instill a sense of courage.... both magically and realistically.

Monster Spray

Monsters under the bed don’t stand a chance! Here’s a story you can adapt for your own kiddos to let them know this monster spray works!

”I met a monster once and had just one question for him, ‘Why do you and your friends come visit my kids and scare them!’

His answer, ‘We don’t mean to scare them... we just like playing with their toys while they sleep.’ Feeling sorry for him but defensive of my kids’ sleepless nights, I asked if we could come to an agreement. ‘If you smell the aroma of Valor, promise you won’t come in the kids’ room. And this goes for ALL children. Okay?’ He agreed! And all little monsters now flee when they smell Valor, the blend of courage... good for monsters to move on and kids to sleep well.”

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! So when my nephew called and asked for this magical “Monster Spray” because he was scared to sleep, I knew I could hook him up.

Specific directions that go beyond the imagination- 10 drops Valor in a 6 oz. spray bottle. Spritz three times under the bed. Twice on pillow and/or on stuffed security animal.

Sleep tight little babies! And monsters, if you’re reading this... remember your promise to flee from the aroma of courage.

How do you help your own little monsters sleep?