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Life Essentials


Life Essentials

When I hear “free” I think “what’s the catch?”. So here’s the deal with 100% transparency. I have a wholesale account with Young Living where I get 24% off retail prices. Opened by purchasing a Starter Kit of oils. When I started, I was dabbling in direct sales with another wellness company selling herbal blends and supplements. However, with that company I couldn’t let my friends and family in on the same value I was getting. So I really wasn’t making anything since I just gave them my discount.

With Young Living, anyone can get a wholesale account and no one is required to purchase a certain monthly amount or sale to keep that discount. Everyone is able to purchase at the same value I do, and I’m also making a commission that allows me to stay home and grow this as a business.

24% off retail is great! “But wait, there’s more!” {cue the cheesy game show music}. I DO choose to order monthly, because my family loves YL products (yep, more than oils!) and it saves me from having to go out to the stores or find products that meet our toxic free/ethically made standards.

Monthly autoship boxes from YL let me pick what I want and need, and I get free products monthly when purchasing a certain amount. 50 is the minimum. 100 starts the free products.

AND MORE than that, I get 25% back off my purchase in points to use later! What the what?!?!

So lets say I spend $300 in products a month (I do!). That’s already saving about $100 from retail prices. Then, I get free products (this month it’s $97.48 worth). NEXT UP that 25% back in points… 75! If you wanna do the math, that means the value of my $300 order is halved with discounts and freebies!


In July, I cashed in a TON of points and got all of the things above. Makeup that I’ve been wanting to try. Our essentials: detergent, dish soap. Plus toothpaste, hand sanitizer, supplements skin/hair care. Free. FREE! I still can’t get over it, and I’ve been getting a monthly box for four years now.

Want your own box? Wholesale members: Login to your account. Not a member? Make that first Starter Kit of oils your first monthly box! I’ll help you curate your next one according to your Wellness needs.


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Witch Hazel


Witch Hazel

If you don’t already know, the plants surrounding us have lots of medicinal properties! More than just passed down by word of mouth, a quick search on PubMed pulled up 127 studies where witch hazel was used for health benefits!

I want you to fall in love with the simplicity of using pure flower and plant extracts in your day to day life. While they aren’t fully without complication and safety* does need to be studied before using plants for health, I have found they offer simple solutions to health and just every day needs!

*not a doctor, just a Momma, making her best guess with life. While I can’t recommend treatment or diagnose your problems, you can be your own health advocate! Take my suggestions and maybe they fit into you life as well.

Uses for Witch Hazel

•Skin Toner
•Essential oil sprays
•After Shaving
•Skin Care
•Clean Jewelry

So when I’m getting used to using a new plant, I like to have quick uses in mind for it. For witch hazel, “Puffiness, skin, sprays”. Now, anytime I’m in need of something in those areas, witch hazel will quickly come up!

When allergies make your eyes puffy or itchy, you would maybe think to reach for an antihistamine. Witch hazel contains tannins that make it naturally an anti-inflammatory. Soak a cotton round with witch hazel and lay it over your (closed!) eyes. Leave it on for a bit before removing.

You need to use a toner after cleansing and before moisturizing your skin. In between, this balances the pH making it not too oily or not too dry. Grab a cotton round and soak it before wiping gently across your face. Just once at night should be fine!

Adding witch hazel to a spray bottle of water and essential oils (for a room spray, fabric refresher, or even after sun spray!), helps the water and oils combine + the aroma linger longer in the air. My favorite spray right now is 8 oz water, one oz of witch hazel, and then 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil to spray on my skin after being slightly burned in the sun.

Those little red bumps and ingrown hairs after shaving don’t have to happen. Use witch hazel (sprayed or cotton round and rubbed gently) on skin after you shave. Once again, it’s the anti inflammatory properties of the witch hazel plant that help your skin from not getting so angry.

Skin Care- in general, we reach for witch hazel straight or add it to a current routine. Boo boos don’t get washed with hydrogen peroxide but instead witch hazel. Always finding new ways to use it!

Cleaning jewelry with witch hazel isn’t something I’ve personally tried, but I hear it lifts dirt off great! This makes me think it would also be great to add with baking soda and lemon essential oil in a scrub for the bathroom as well. But for the jewelry, equal parts witch hazel and vinegar in a mason jar with a drop of tea tree essential oil. Let it sit overnight, scrub with a soft brush and baking soda the next day before rinsing in cold water.

How will you use witch hazel?





We all use it. We all need it! But what we don't need is to be using a deodorant with potentially harmful ingredients.

Our lymph nodes in the armpits help to fight off infections and injuries in our arms and hands. We don't want to hinder those powerhouse glands with ingredients found in common deodorants.

Aluminum is one ingredient that is drawn to the brain. High levels of aluminum found in the brain of the elderly is a leading cause of Alzheimer's being stimulated. Something we are seeing in younger, middle aged people now. Yikes!

First, Detox

Deodorant needs to be the first thing that goes in your toxic skin care routine. An armpit detox is great to do before switching to a homemade recipe. Benefits of throwing the Secret deo in the garbage? Sweat less, smell better, no swollen glands, no heavy metals in your body to process. 

DIY Deodorant A Moms Best Guess

DIY Deodorant
-1/4 cup coconut oil
-1/8 cup arrowroot (or cornstarch) 
-1/8 cup baking soda
-25 drops of purification oil*
-(5 drops cypress* is added for summer months)

Harmful Ingredients in Deodorant:

* Aluminum chloride-a known irritant that helps reduce perspiration, but also removes color from clothing and degrades fabric
* Propylene glycol-used to degrease engines and other industrial products.
* Triclosan-a known irritant made from petroleum. It’s a synthetic antibacterial agent.
* Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorhydrex-GLY-plugs the pores and stains fabric when mixed with sweat (It’s what leaves that yellow-ish tinge on your white shirts)
* Stearyl alcohol-slows the evaporation rate of water (sweat)

Deodorant needs to be the first thing that goes in your toxic skin care routine. An armpit detox is great to do before switching to Young Living's deodorant or a DIY one with your essential oils. Benefits of throwing the Secret deo in the garbage? Sweat less, smell better, no swollen glands, no heavy metals in your body to process. 

Detox Recipe
1 tbs bentonite clay
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1-2 tsp distilled water
Mix and apply to pits 5-20 minutes.

*Young Living essential oils are always my preferred choice. If you are a current member, go ahead and add these favorites from the recipe to your next order! Start as a new member today, and I will send you a full DIY recipe book plus some other goodies!