Gardening without toxins was not on my radar. Until seeing first hand the effects it had topically on a family member’s skin, and seeing how others were careful about what they put into the soil around their home.

News about the effects of Roundup (both in our bodies and killing precious bees), unexpected places you might find it (most non-organic food, breakfast cereal, etc.), multimillion dollar lawsuits won by cancer victims, and so on have been a HOT topic this last week!

In short, Roundup is overused, and it's main ingredient glyphosate is extremely toxic.

So what can we do?

Well if you are concerned about what other's use of it is doing to you and your family, educate yourself!

Also, eat Organic!!!! Don't be fooled by the Non-GMO labeling. Non-GMO does not mean chemical, herbicide, or pesticide free! Buy products with the Organic label or with ingredient lists that specify they are Certified Organic.

Fun Fact: Young Living does not use any herbicides and hand weeds their plants! 

This all natural and safe weed killer works!


30 oz spray bottle
1 gallon white vinegar 
1 tbsp Thieves Dish Soap
1 tbsp Salt (I used Himalayan pink salt)
*Double or triple the recipe to fit into a yard sprayer.

Add the Thieves soap and salt to the spray bottle. Then fill with vinegar! Easy Peasy!

Spray onto your weeds, making sure to avoid any leaves of your flowers or plants you want to thrive. This weed killer doesn't know the difference! Spray during a time of day when the sun will be the strongest. This helps to dry out the weeds. Then come back the next day to pull them up.

It's never been easier to ditch your toxic weed killer!